Greatest Albanian Musicians

Editor's Pick From Albania: Irini Qirjako


1. Vace Zela

Genres: Folk Music, Pop Music, Soft Rock


Vace Zela, Joni Mitchell of Albania

2. Laver Bariu

Genres: Clarinet Virtuoso, Albanian Folk Music

Excerpt from the movie - Gjeneral gramafoni

3. Tefta Tashko-Koco

Genre: Pop Opera

4. Lela Family de Permet (Famille Lela de Permet)

Genre: Albanian Folk Music

5. Fatime Sokoli

Genre: Albanian Folk Music

Great Albanian Folk Singer Fatime Sokoli is not worldwide famous but she definitely deserves it. Her songs are secret treasure for Ethnic Music lovers.

All-Time Greatest Albanian Films

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Anonymous said...

Why Rita Ora is not on the list?

rohit gopal said...

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