Best Musicians from Azerbaijan (15)

 Editor's Pick From Azerbaijan: Vagif Mustafazadeh


1. Vagif Mustafa Zadeh - Jazz
 2. Aziza Mustafa Zadeh - Jazz Fusion
3. Muslim Magomayev - Jazz Vocal
4. Uzeyir Hacibeyov - Classical Music Composer
5. Fikret Amirov - Classical Music Composer
6. Bul-bul - Folk Music Singer
7. Resid Behbudov - Opera Vocal, Folk Singer
8. Alim Qasimov - Folk Music Singer
9. Khan Shushinsky - Folk Music Singer
10. Googoosh - World Music

11. Gara Garayev - Classical Music Composer
12. Safiyuddin - Turkish Classical Music
13. Dariush - Pop Music

14. Hossein Alizadeh - Tar Player
15. Chingiz Sadykhov - Piano Virtuoso

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Anonymous said...

buraya googosh'la dariush'u niye koydunuz, anlamadım. bunlar hem azerbaycan dilinde değil farsça söylüyorlar, hem de türk olsalar bile iranlıdırlar. azerbaycan müziğiyle ne alaka?

Anonymous said...

Sayin arkadash. Googosh fars deyil cenubi Azerbaycan mugennisidir. Dariush de hemcinin. sizin deyesen xeberiniz yodur ki Cenubi AZerbaycan var..Farsca ona gore soyleyirler ki Cenubi AZerbaycanda yashayirlar. GEdin kitablari acin oxuyun ve ya Cenubi AZerbaycana seyahete gedin.

Anonymous said...

Googoosh , Dariush and Hossein alizadeh are the Iranian singer and player .

Anonymous said...

Googosh is Azerbaijnian, She said like that : I am North Azerbaijanian and my origin comes from turks. Do you ever hear any quality good Iranian song? I bet you dont, and you cant. There is no good music in Iran. They only robe from us, TAR and MUGAM is ours to. Shame on Iran government which trys to robe and owe our traditional music and instruments. Music culture cant be owned. You have to work hard for this.

Anonymous said...

Nightingale, Bül-bül, should be higher on the list! Here are some of my suggestions for expanding this list:

Habil Aliyev . kamancha virtuoso
Arif Babayev - muqam
Haji Baba Huseynov - muqam
Zabit Nəbizadə - muqam
Gochag Askarov - muqam
Nazaket Teymurova - muqam
Gochag Askarov - muqam

I know that's a lot of muqam (or mugham), but it's the most recognizable traditional music from Azerbaijan. My opinion is that muqam was much neglected on this list.

Kind wishes,


Unknown said...

Dariush Hossein Alizadeh and Googoosh are Iranian citizens of Azeri ethnicity. They are NOT from Republic of Azerbaijan, and this page is about music from Azerbaijan (the country). In Iran, there is Azerbaijan (the province), About 25% of Iranian population today is Azeri ethnicity. We are very proud of out Azeri brothers and sisters. But it is not correct to say they are not Iranian and the music they perform is not from Iran. It is very Iranian, and Azeri culture is an integal part of Iranian culture. Iran is a multicultural society, and Iranian does not mean 1 people, it is a mixture of many great peoples.

Unknown said...

ACTUALLY history says otherwise. Googoosh is partially Azeri but Azeri people have the same DNA as other Iranian people and less similarity with other Turks. This means that Azeris are Iranians mix with some Turkish that speak a Turkish language (which happened during the times that Turkic dynasties ruled Iran; look up the Qizilbash). Also Iran is a continuous civilization that has very early origins...

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