Best Musicians from Bolivia (4)

Editor's Pick from Bolivia:  K'ala Marka


1. Los Kjarkas - Folk Music

2. Climax - Progressive Rock

3. Emma Junaro - World Music

4. Rumillajta - Folk Music


Rumillajta (pronounced roo-me-yach-ta) is a Bolivian musical quintet that formed in 1980 that became one of the most important progenitors of Andean music. The name means "city of stone" in Quechua. 

All-Time Greatest Bolivian Films

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Anonymous said...

Very good site. It is very useful.

I suggest for Honduras you include Guillermo Anderson who is unique, as well as Aurelio Martinez.

Anonymous said...

The image you have opening the video for Bolivia is in Peru. It is Machu Pichu in the highlands near Cuzco, a well known historical site.

Anonymous said...

que linda musica! From New Zealand!!

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