Greatest Chinese Musicians

Editor's Pick from China: The Guo Brothers



1. Yo -Yo Ma - Cello Virtuoso

2. Tan Dun - Classical Composer

3. Guan Pinghu - Guqin Virtuoso

4. Zha Fuxi - Guqin Virtuoso

5. Wu Jinglue - Guqin Virtuoso

6. Zhou Xuan - Traditional Pop Music

7. Li Xiangting - Guqin Virtuoso

8. Zhang Ziqian -  Guqin Virtuoso

9. Lei Qiang - Folk Music

10. Lu Chunling - Flute Virtuoso

11. Rebecca Pan - Traditional Pop Music 

12. Faye Wong - Pop Music

13. Cui Jian - Rock Music

Cui Jian first shot to stardom in 1985, when he performed “Nothing to My Name” on a television talent show

14. Fou T'song - Virtuoso Pianist

15. Liu Tianhua - Erhu Virtuoso

16. Teresa Teng - Pop

17. Liu Mingyuan - Folk Music

18. Lu Wencheng - Folk Music

19. Fu Xuezhai - Guqin Virtuoso

20. Liu Dehai - Pipa Virtuoso

21. Wu Wenguang - Guqin Virtuoso

He is son of Wu Jinglue

22. Cao Zheng - Guzheng Virtuoso

23. Yao Lee - Traditional Pop Music

24. Lin Shicheng - Pipa Virtuoso 

25. Sun Yude - Pipa Virtuoso

26. Min Huifen - Folk Music

27. Xinghai Xian - Classical Composer

28. Wu Yingyin - Traditional Pop

29. A Bing - Erhu Virtuoso

30. Wu Zhaoji - Guqin Virtuoso

31. Hwang Yau tai - Classical Composer

32. Wang Luobin - Folk Music

33. Anna Guo - Yangqin Virtuoso

34. Li Tingsong - Pipa Virtuoso

35. Liang Tsai-Ping - Guzheng Virtuoso

36. The Guo Brothers - Folk Music

37. Liu Changfu - Erhu Virtuoso

38. Zhang Chu - Pop Rock

More proof of Zhang Chu's considerable talent with language came in the form of a pair of allegorical tracks on the album: "Ants ants" and "The fly". In "a bug's life" Zhang Chu style, the ants became a symbol of the lifestyle and attitudes of millions of Chinese peasants, whereas the fly was unexpectedly turned into the perfect totem of a generation of rock and roll youth:
The sounds of swatting hands keep going off before my eyes and next to my ears
This brings rhythm to my life but cannot make me want to hide
Don't kiss me, this make me shy and makes my heart panic
I want to fly on the way to being smashed while flying towards the screen window
by Wikipedia

39. Hu Tianquan - Sheng Virtuoso

40. Chou Wen-chung - Classical Composer

41. Bai Guang - Traditional Pop Music 

42. Dou Wei - Post-Rock

All-Time Greatest Chinese Films

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