Best Musicians from Kazakhstan

Editor's Pick from Kazakhstan: Kazakh Folk Music


1. Mamer - Folk Music

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Anonymous said...

ulytau'sız kazakistan müziği mi olur?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I really like this blog and it helped me to discover many great artists. But, there are many lists that still could be improved and expanded. Like this one, for an example.

In hope that you will consider my suggestions, here are some great musicians from Kazakhstan that I know:

The Magic of Nomads - jazz-folk fusion
Dos-Mukasan - jazz-rock
Ulytau - folk metal
Boomerang - jazz fusion
Raushan Orazbaeva - kyl-kobiz virtuoso
Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly - composer of folk music
Shamshi Kaldayakov - composer (composed Kazakh national anthem)
Roza Rymbayeva - singer

Hope this article will be expanded and promote Kazakh music in the world!

Keep up with the good work!


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