Best Musicians from Gabon

Editor's Pick from Gabon: Pierre Akendengue



1. Pierre Akendengue - African Popular Music

Akendengue studied psychology at the University of Caen in 60s' France

2. Pape Nziengui - Bwiti

Bwiti is one of Gabon's official religions. Bwiti ceremonies are led by a  spiritual leader called N'ganga

3. Vyckoss, Vickos Edondo - African Popular Music
4. Les Diablotins - African Popular Music
5. Patience Dabany - African Popular Music
6. Siya Po'ossi X - Hip Hop
7. Annie-Flore Batchiellilys - African Popular Music
8. Jann Halexander - Pop Jazz
9. Hilarion Nguema - African Popular Music

She looks like Rihanna, Does not she?

10. François N'Gwa - African Popular Music

Honorable Mention

Oliver N'Goma
Angele Assele
Professeur T
Lord Ekomy Ndong
Trice B
Didier Ontchanga
Ndong Mboula

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