Best Arabic Metal Bands - Top 8


1. Damaar - Lebanon
2. Odious - Egypt 
3. Kimaera - Lebanon

4. Acrassicauda - Iraq

5. Myrath - Tunisia
6. Nervecell - United Arab Emirates

7. Narjahanam - Bahrain
8. Bilocate - Jordan

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Anonymous said...

Acrassicauda are very good \m/

Arabic band said...

Check the arabic rock band JadaL they are worth mentioning on this blog post!

Mier5 said...

narjahanam,,,is arrrrggggggghh,,

Anonymous said...

love them all good luck for them

Tom Watson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tom Watson said...

I have got a new listing in Tiba Resort from £8,140

Anonymous said...

you forgot the important one
"Al Namrood"

Rina Ikasusanti said...

From Indonesia

Anonymous said...

Where is "ALNAMROOD"???

Anonymous said...

I love arabic metal !

Anonymous said...

damaar are monsters
also arsames death metal from iran

Anonymous said...

melechesh from messopotamia try the album emisaries black folk metal rules

Anonymous said...

melechesh black metal from messopotamia (album emisaries,2006)
saffar indonesia
al namrood

Anonymous said...

absu are not arab
saffar are indonesian not arab
jadal are hard rock jazz fussion far from arab metal
only melechesh and al namrood desreve mention and they are the best

Anonymous said...

al qyanah

Anonymous said...

seeds of iblis black atheist metal

Anonymous said...

Seeds Of Iblis is Anti- Islamic and contains very offensive language to all Muslims. If you are Muslim like me, I suggest not checking them out.

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