Greatest Pakistani Musicians

 Editor's Pick from Pakistan: Atif Islam


1. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - World Music
2. Sabri Brothers - World Music
3. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Party - World Music
4. Ghulam Ali - Ghazals
5. Abida Parveen - World Music
6. Mehdi Hassan - Ghazals
7.Aziz Mian - World Music
8. Farida Khanum - Ghazals

9. Ustad Amanat Ali Khan - Ghazals
10. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - World Music
11. Ghulam Hassan Shagan - World Music


    [M] said...

    I think you are missing some critical ones:

    - Vital Signs (POP)
    - Junoon (Rock / Sufi)
    - ...

    Nasreen Ghori said...

    Without Malka-e-Tarranum Noor Jehan, this list is incomplete

    Msadiq said...

    Agree with nasreen ghori.......How this list is complete without Noorjahan

    wajahat khattak said...

    Without world wide known Queen of Rythem Noora Jahan is incomplete. agree with Nasreen Ghori

    Arslan Mehdi said...

    Noor Jehan is Queen of Pakistani music greater than sabri brothers rahat fateh ali aziz mian dad farida abida and many more how can you miss a legend

    Arslan Mehdi said...

    The achievements are Noor Jehan is greater than all the singers in list execpt two or more. .
    What a rubbish

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