Editor's Pick from Ossetia: Circassian Folk Music


1. Valery Gergiev - Classical Music Conductor

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1. Valerii Gergiev - classical music
2. Valery Sagkaev - singer / songwriter
3. Veronika Doudarova - classical music conductor (the first female conductor in the world!)
4. Dudar Khakhanov - classical musc composer
5. Boris Galaty - classical music composer and conductor
6. Bulat Gazdanov - classical music conductor and composer
7. Ilya Gabaraev - classical music composer
8. Rezvan Tsorionti - classical music composer
9. Hristofer Pliev - classical music composer (composer of the first Ossetian opera!)
10. Tatarkan Kokoity - classical music composer (composed first Ossetian symphony!)
11. Tugan Sohiev - classical music conductor
12. Larissa Gergiev - pianist
13. Vladimir Davidovich Ballan - pop singer
14. Yuri Batsazov - opera singer
15. Emillia Tsallagov - opera singer
16. Dolores-Luiza Bilaonova - opera singer
17. Peter Mukagov - opera singer

... and there are many more but my knowledge of Ossetian music ends here. Someone should make extensive research about Ossetian music. There are many great composers and conductors, and classical music overall is really good (Gergiev being among the top 10 composers in the world today!). I hope my suggestions will be considered and this list will be expanded!

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