Editor's Pick from Trinidad and Tobago: Wilmoth Houdini


1. Lord Kitchener (Calypso)

His own lifestory by Lord Kitchener

2. Lionel Belasco - Calypso
3. Winifred Atwell (Virtuoso Pianist, Boogie Woogie, Ragtime)

 Winifred's stage persona was of a gentle, warm and dignified woman who came alive at the piano. Her dazzling smile and charisma could light up a concert stage.

4. Lord Beginner - Calypso
5. Wilmoth Houdini - Calypso
6. Growling Tiger - Calypso

"Money Is King", both funny and serious, is a great example of Tiger's consciousness

7. Roaring Lion - Calypso
8. Atilla the Hun - Calypso
9. Lord Invader - Calypso
10. Mighty Terror - Calypso

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