Best Musicians from Argentina (36)


Genre: Nuevo Tango
Genre: Tango
Genres: Bandoneon Virtuoso, Tango
Genres: Virtuoso Pianist, Classical Music
Genres: Latin Rock, Electrotango, Film Scores, Instrumental
Genres: Spy Music, Bebop, Rock, Instrumental, Jazz, Film Scores
Genres: Folk Music, World Music  
 8. Soda Stereo Genres: Rock, Alternative Rock, Post-Rock, New Wave
9. Atahualpa Yupanqui Genre: Folk Music   
10. Osvaldo Pugliese Genre: Tango 
11. Luis Bacalov  Genres: Film Scores, Instrumental  
12. Charly Garcia Genres: Pop/Rock
13. Jose Gonzales Genres: Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic Music, Indie
 14. Sumo 
15. Invisible 
16. Seru Giran  
22. Sui Generis  
23. Juan D'Arienzo  
 24. Sexteto Mayor   
 26. Gustavo Cerati 


ojoloco mudi said...

are you from argentina? How did you get the musicians in the list? Ok, thanks anyway. I'm going to use your list a lot in the future. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

some more argentinian rock

los gatos
vox dei
la rengapoppo's blues
color humano
los redondos

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Arco Iris - Rock-Folk

Franco B. said...

Argentina may be the most prolific and of highest quality music in the whole Latin America, by far.
Many bands and solists should populate this list, however, the geographic location of its lands, toghetger with its native language, and of course helped by its disastrous international politics, have hide many world class musicians from the global scope. If you are reading this, I can will get a nice surprise while digging into our music. Youtube can give you a good ride through the universe of argentine music.

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