Best Musicians from Angola (5)

Editor's Pick from Angola: Kussondulola


1. Bonga

Bonga was born in 1943 and left Angola at age 23 to become an athlete, becoming the Portuguese record holder for the 400 metres

Genres: Angolan Folk Music, Semba, World Music

2. Waldemar Bastos

Genres: Afropop, Fado, World Music

3. Ruy Mingas 

Genres: World Music

4. Artur Nunes

Genres: Folk Music, World Music

5. Ngola Ritmos

Genre: Folk Music

All-Time Greatest Angolan Films 

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Anonymous said...

angelique kidjo

Unknown said...

Best Musicians from angola... Thanks for sharing this video...

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Anonymous said...

angelique kidjo is from benin

Anonymous said...

kussondulola reggae

david ze world music

dom caetano world music

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