Greatest Tanzanian Artists


Editor's Pick from Tanzania: Matano Juma


1. Hukwe Zawose - African Music
2. Remmy Ongala - African Pop Music
3. Bi Kidude - World Music

4. Culture Musical Club - World Music
5. Siti binti Saad - Traditional Arabic Music

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ebenmalyi said...

Devil all over the world is fighting Artists. Example in Tanzania, artists are dying everyday. Why ??? Some Artists are working with Devil/demons to punish successful artists.

This is why I started praying for all Artists around the World.
What I need from Artist who wants me to pray for him/her is: His/Her name and Email address.I don't need any payments. TRY & EXPERIENCE Power
from above.

Rev.Ebenezer J.Malyi
CLC Mission in East Africa.
Representing CLC United States.
Mobile: +255754299459.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know a song called Mirandu? Who played it snd how csn l get a copy?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The list of best musicians in Tanzania can not reach number 5 without mentioning the likes of Mbaraka Mwaruka,Salum Abdallah,Juma Kilaza, Patrick Balisidya,and Juwata Jazz Band......

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