best european bands


7. Queen
10. The Cure

11. The Jimi Hendrix Experience
12. Black Sabbath
13. The Smiths
14. The Clash
15. Deep Purple
16. Depeche Mode
17. The Zombies
18. Iron Maiden
19. U2
20. Cream
21. Motorhead
22. Fleetwood Mac
23. Massive Attack
24. Portishead
25. Judas Priest
26. The Animals
27. Jethro Tull
28. The Police
29. Thin Lizzy
30. Dire Straits
31. Genesis
32. Electric Light Orchestra
33. New Order
34. Sigur Ros
35. Yes
36. Kraftwerk
37. King Crimson
38. Sex Pistols
39. The Small Faces
40. T. Rex
41. Roxy Music
42. The Jam
43. The Yardbirds
44. Supertramp
45. Pet Shop Boys
46. Wings
47. Boards of Canada
48. Scorpions
49. The Hollies
50. The Stranglers

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Anonymous said...

Heroes del Silencio?, Baron Rojo? ...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Europe is much more than just UK. Kino, Indexi, Plastic People of Universe, Siddharta, Goblin, Noir Desir etc.

g ph said...

ABBA should be second after The Beatles!

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