Greatest Chilean Musicians

Editor's Pick from Chile: Camila Moreno 


1. Victor Jara - Folk Music
2. Violeta Parra - Folk Music

Violeta Parra committed suicide with a gunshot to her head in 1967, because of her depression over the breakup of her relationship with Gilbert Favre

3. Claudio Arrau - Piano Virtuoso
4. Inti-Illimani - Folk Music
6. Los Tres - Alternative Rock
7. Los Jaivas - Progressive Rock

The band took refuge in Argentina after the military dictatorship took over in Chile. In 1977; they headed to France, where they resided for a long time. The first major change in the band occurred in 1988 when Gabriel died in Peru in a car crash. His daughter Juanita took his place behind the drums.

8. Los Prisioneros - New Wave
9. Quilapayun - Folk Music

Bourgeois society wants art to be another factor contributing to social alienation, we artists should transform it into a revolutionary weapon, until the contradiction that actually exists between art and society finally comes to pass. This surpassing is called revolution and its motor and fundamental agent is the working class. Our group, loyal to the ideals of Luis Emilio Recabarren, sees its work as a continuation of what has already been achieved by many other popular/folk artists. This side of the trenches has been occupied by artists whose names are forever linked to the revolutionary struggle of our people: the first Luis Emilio Recabarren, the latest: Violeta Parra and Pablo Neruda. The example they have given us is the light that guides us.
— Quilapayún (1969)


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