Greatest Swedish Artists

Editor's Pick from Sweden: Jay Jay Johanson


1. ABBA        -        Pop Music
2. Opeth        -        Progressive Metal
3. The Cardigans         -        Indie Pop

4. Jussi Björling        -        Opera Singer
5. Therion        -        Symphonic Metal
6. Dark Tranquillity         -        Death Metal
7. The Knife         -         Electronic Pop Music
8. In Flames         -         Death Metal
9. Katatonia         -         Doom Metal
10. Europe         -         Hard Rock
11. Esbjörn Svensson Trio        -        Jazz Fusion
12. Amon Amarth         -         Death Metal

13. Pain of Salvation        -        Progressive Metal
14. Bathory          -        Black Metal
15. Evert Taube       -       Folk Music
16. Dissection        -        Black Metal
17. Meshuggah       -        Progressive Metal
18. Franz Berwald         -        Classical Music Composer
19. Refused        -        Hardcore Punk
20. Kent         -        Pop/Rock
21. The Hives       -        Garage Rock
22. The Hellacopters        -        Hard Rock
23. Roxette          -        Pop Music
24. Koop       -         Nu Jazz
25. Tiamat         -        Gothic Metal

26. Jan Johansson       -         Jazz
27. Candlemass        -        Doom Metal
28. Zarah Leander         -        Cabaret Music
29. Carl Michael Bellman        -        Folk Music
30. Monica Zetterlund       -        Jazz Singer
31. Nicolai Gedda       -       Opera Singer
32. Birgit Nilsson       -       Opera Singer

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10 comments: said...

Where is Sabaton? Sabaton is an amazing Power Metal band from Sweden. They are the best Power Metal band out there, and I am from America.

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Anonymous said...

meshuggah heavy Metal prog djent

Anonymous said...

lykke li dream pop

Anonymous said...

ghost(bc) Metal band

Anonymous said...

jay jayn johanson nu jazz

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