Greatest Afghan Musicians

Editor's Pick From Afghanistan: Sarban

1. Ahmad Zahir

Genres: Folk-Pop, Ghazals, Mast Rock Singer

2. Ustad Sarahang

Genres: Indian Classical Music, Ghazals, Singer

3. Aziz Herawi

Genres: Folk Music, Dutar Virtuoso, Rubab Virtuoso

Ustad Aziz Herawi and his son perform at the 1993 Los Angeles Festival

4. Ustad Mohammad Omar

Genre: Folk, Rubab Virtuoso

5. Sarban

Genres: Folk-Pop, Soft Rock, Singer

Sarban is considered by many Afghans to be one of the best singers of Aghan Music History

6. Mohammad Rahim Khushnawaz

Genres: Folk Music, Rubab Virtuoso

7. Ustad Farida Mahwash

Genres: Ghazals, Pop Music, Indian Classical Music, Singer

Ustad Mahwash travelled to Tehran Iran and recorded this song on Iran's National TV

This song was composed by Naynawaz, while Mahwash and Naynawaz were practicing it, Ahmad Zahir walked in to Naynawaz's house, liked the song and walked out, hours later he came back and said i already recorded it on the Radio
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